Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Where's my Slingshot?

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep, my mind was racing with all the things I need/want to do this week. I work 30 hours a week, and my calendar is really full this time of year with projects that are due soon, travel near and far (including my first trip away from my son, ever, which I am dreading), and various types of training and conference calls. I am also a representative on our Civil Rights committee, and a contributor to our wellness newsletter. So things are starting to heat up at work.

Beyond work, I dance, and this weekend is a crazy one. I perform in a show on Friday night, teach a liturgical dance workshop at our women's ministry event on Saturday (and host a Compassion table there, as well), and I will be performing for a hospital fundraiser on Saturday night.

I'm also a full-time mom to my toddler son, and I'm learning to handcraft beads, which I'm fashioning into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with the hope of selling them to benefit Compassion in some way. Add to that my commitment to writing my sponsored children bi-weekly, blogging, and advocating for Compassion in my community and, whew! I'm really hitting maximum load on my calendar.

So, I'm sitting in bed thinking about all of these things I've packed onto my plate, and wondering what on earth I am going to blog about today, when I just had this small little voice pipe up in my mind that said "Why are you worried? Just pray."

I'll let you in on a little secret, now. I never know what I'm going to blog about until the last minute. Then, I pray about it and the words just seem to flow. I truly believe God is behind the words in my posts, and that I am just a vessel. If only one person is inspired to sponsor a child as a result of my blog, then it has been successful.

Anyway, I took the advice of the little voice, and began to pray about what I might write today. And the image in my mind was one of David and Goliath. Some days, I really feel like David must have as he stood facing Goliath. I feel like that in myriad ways--how will I work through a difficult project at work; how will I manage my afternoon schedule; how will I find places to share Compassion's message... But every time I feel that way, I know that Jesus has my back. He's there, guiding my slingshot. And if the stone misses its target, Jesus is there to pick me up and dust me off, to encourage me to try again.

Actually, Jesus has already defeated the giant for me, on the cross.

Poverty is very much like Goliath to the children of Compassion. Most of them have never known any other life than one of poverty. What a fierce giant to overcome, when society tells you that you are no good, and when opportunities simply do not present themselves. The thing is, David was a child when Jesus used him to defeat Goliath. He was "just" a child. The beautiful thing about the way Compassion works in poverty-stricken areas is that they use the same method Jesus did! Compassion uses children, like Jesus used David, to defeat the Goliath of poverty by changing children and empowering them to change their communities.

Children are resilient in ways that adults are not. Children can regain hope when it seems all hope is lost. Children can adapt, adjust, learn, and love even when they've been cast aside, if they are given a reason to hope. My Goliath may seem big when I have deadlines to meet and errands to run, but my Goliath is nothing compared to what these small children face every day.

The thing is, I can help be a slingshot for these kids. I can be the slingshot that Jesus uses to help defeat the Goliath of poverty that threatens to crush the hope in the lives of these precious ones. I can tell these children, through letters of encouragement, that Jesus has already defeated the giant and that they can have hope in him. And guess what? So can you! So please, please consider sponsoring a child or sharing the message of Compassion with family and friends. Goliath looks small when he's standing next to the cross.


  1. "Goliath looks small when he's standing next to the cross."

    Perfect. That's all I can say. :-)

    1. Thank you, Hannah! You ate always such a blessing and encouragement!

    2. And by that I meant "are" not "ate" :-D

  2. Again, a beautiful post!! I believe that God is behind your posts. And I agree that even if just one child is sponsored because of your blog, it's been worth it. And each of these kids is so precious to God!!

    1. Thank you Hannah! I really appreciate your comment!