Friday, February 15, 2013

Made with Love

Yesterday my toddler came tearing into the bedroom early in the morning holding a pair of cojoined wooden hearts decorated with stickers and the word "Mommy" written in glitter glue. As all moms know, these precious homemade crafts are the best gifts in the whole world, hands down. No flowers or chocolates or diamonds can compete with these treasures made with love by tiny hands.

I carried that pair of hearts to my office and proudly hung them on my wall, right in front of my computer, so I can be reminded all day long of the great joy God has given me through the love of this little child.
This pair of hearts reminds me of something else, though. It reminds me that children are made with love, as well. Not just the love of two people coming together to create life, for all too often babies are born outside of the confines of loving partnership. But the spirits of ALL children, regardless of the circumstances of their earthly creation, are made with love by Christ. All children are equally loved and important in the eyes of God.

I think about how Jesus must feel when he looks at these precious spirits, honed in Heaven by the touch of his own hands, made with love to grace our planet with some ordained purpose, and I wonder how he isn't wrenched with despair.

Imagine what might happen if my sweet son handed me his homemade Valentine and I took it and threw it on the floor and stomped on it, crushing it into pieces. Or if I just tossed it aside, on the table or in the trash, without so much as a glance or a murmer. Imagine his heartbreak if I said to him "Why did you make this? We don't have room for any more of this stuff around here. Just throw it away. I don't want it." It makes me sad just to think about how he would feel.

But we do that every day to Jesus' precious gifts, whether intentionally or simply by our lack of notice, lack of time, lack of attention. We ignore the plight of the hungry, the needy, the silent, maybe because there are so many that we are afraid to help one because we can't help them all. It's overwhelming. Jesus didn't say we have to help them all. He knows that HE is the only ONE who can help the whole world. But he has equipped us to help just one. At least one. In some way, however insignificant we may think it is. Whether through sponsorship, one-time donation, or just spreading the word that children need help and that there ARE ways to help.

If Jesus walked up to you on the street today and you recognized him (because I think he DOES walk up to us, frequently, and we don't recognize him), and he handed you a gift with a tag that said "Made with Love by Jesus," would you throw it in the trash? Would it depend on the gift? He has already handed us the gift of the cross, freely, without strings attached. Would you refuse his other gifts?

My prayer today is that if you haven't sponsored a child, you would consider lifting up one of Jesus' precious gifts that has been made by love by the Father himself. If you are a sponsor, my prayer is that you will take a moment to write to your child and let him or her know how carefully they have been crafted by the love of Jesus, and how important they are to his heart. 


  1. You really have a way with words...

    Gosh, nearly made me tear up. Reading your posts makes me so thankful that I have these kids that I sponsor. SO thankful. Thanks for making me remember this.

    1. Thank you for the blessing of your kind words. I can't write these posts without God's help, so I'll give the credit to him :)

  2. What a beautiful gift from your toddler!!! And what a lovely post....I love your passion for these kids!!! It reminds me of God's passion for children and the poor....He loves them more than I could ever imagine!!