Thursday, February 7, 2013

What if...

In the hot summer morning, a newborn baby cries out as her mother gives a final push and cry of delight. As the baby is gently delivered to her arms, the mother smiles into the soft, perfect face of her daughter, tears of joy flowing down her flushed cheeks. The moment is brief, however, as reality thunders down around her and she grasps the magnitude of what this baby's birth means. Another mouth to feed. Another impossibly hungry, grasping mouth to suckle and nourish when she herself barely has enough food to survive. Another pair of grasping arms reaching for love when she has 5 other pairs of arms already seeking her, clinging to her, voraciously pursuing her affection. Another spirit hoping, dreaming, wishing...when she has no hope to give, no dreams to nurture, no wishes to grant.

Tears turned from joy to despair now, the mother hands her daughter to the nearest pair of arms and begins to wash herself. Finally clean, she carries her new daughter to the single-room dwelling her now six-member family calls home. Already waiting are 5 pairs of forlorn eyes, hungry mouths, ragged frames. She has no help. Crushed by the shame of being unable to provide for them, her husband left months ago, and she has not heard from him. Overwhelmed with responsibility, the mother considers ending her precious newborn daughter's life. She knows the hardships a young girl will face in her world. She knows the potential for exploitation, for grasping and eager male hands to reach for her daughter's precious body before it is even fully grown; the likelihood that her daughter's sweet spirit will be crushed by the cruelty of wealth in the hands of evil. It is almost more than she can bear.


Then, in the quiet of that hot summer afternoon, beneath the soft hum of insects, she hears footsteps approaching. She peeks out, exhausted, red-faced, swollen, surrounded by 5 curious faces and one sleeping bundle, and sees someone approaching. It is a man. The pastor from the local mission church. She is fearful at first--what could he possibly want from her?

He introduces himself and peeks in at the sleeping baby. One tiny body slips out of the door and wraps withered arms around his leg. He hugs the little boy gently. He is there to offer help, he, love, health care, food, and vitamins for this baby. It is a program run by people who believe that there is a great God who loves and cares for every person, and they want to help her...HER! for her family. He tells her that he can also help her enroll her other children in a local center that will teach them about how to read and write, and about the God that loves them. And they will be fed three times a day--three times!

Though this is a fiction account, it is reality for millions of women in developing countries across the globe. But we can make a difference for these women and children, and we can do so with so very little sacrifice in our own lives that it seems absurd not to help. Compassion International Child Survival Program provides prenatal care, food and supplements, infant survival training, health care, and support to mothers in developing countries. Please consider making a one-time or recurring donation today. As little as $20 can make a big difference in the life of a precious baby.

And, of course, please consider sponsoring a will bless you more than you can imagine.

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