Sponsor Writing Packets

Hi! Welcome to the Sponsor Writing Packet Page. 

NOW featuring DOVER coloring sheets!
Please support Dover Publications--they have been kind enough to allow use of their sampler sheets in my packets. They are AMAZING and have some of the highest quality coloring books and paper dolls and sticker books imaginable!


Click to Download the Printable PDFs! 

NOTE: These are free for your use for your sponsored child

Girl's Age 2-10 Theme Packs
Psalm 31 Paper Doll Theme Sponsor Packet
Butterfly Flower Theme Sponsor Packet
1 John 3 Fairy Theme featuring DOVER coloring sheets!

Boy's Age 2-10 Theme Packs
Soccer Theme Sponsor Packet 
Cars and Trucks Theme featuring DOVER coloring sheets, matching game, maze

Gender Neutral Age 2-10 Theme Packs
Jonah and the Whale Theme Sponsor Packet
Gender-neutral Bee Theme Packet 
Gender Neutral Tree Theme Packet
Noah and the Ark Theme Sponsor Packet
Gender Neutral Ocean Theme Packet Genesis 1:21 with Dover Coloring Sheets

Teen Theme Packs
Space Themed Teen Boy Packet
Airplane Themed Teen Boy Packet (Job 38)
Teen Girl True Beauty Packet with Bookmarks, Origami 
Pre-Teen and Teen Girl Angel Packet (Psalm 91) with bookmarks, DOVER coloring, and origami


  1. These too!


  2. Thank you these are wonderful, you are blessing us as writers and the children we send these wonderful writing kits to. Thank you for all your time and work you have put into creating these.

    1. Janelle, thank you for your comment! You are so very welcome. I'm glad they are useful! I will be adding more before long!

  3. I love these ive used some for my girls cant wait to see what else you can put on here

  4. I just received correspondent boys who will be 6 and 8 this year. These will be so helpful to me in giving me something to send. I've used the older children material before but will be using the younger themed packages now. I just want to say thank you once again for taking the time to do this and sharing it with the rest of us.