Friday, April 26, 2013

Sponsor Writing Packet--for Teen Boys! Space theme, with Devotional Verse

Here's a new packet. I know that sometimes it's hard to know what to send teen boys. This packet has space-themed stationery, 2 bookmarks from, and a paper model for your teen boy to cut out and make (please note--the model came from and I have not tested the model, so if you are concerned about how it turns out, please try it yourself before sending it!)

In addition to the "goodies", there is a page with a lovely devotional verse from Psalms, with a space-related theme.  The verse is given in English, Spanish, and French.  The English translation is from "The Message," which I appreciate for it's modern-day resonance.

Thanks for dropping in!  Next up--a packet for teen girls, and a generic packet for any age group.

Download the Space Theme Sponsor Writing Packet Here

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