Thursday, April 11, 2013

Compassion Sunday Prayer Request AND Free App Recommendations

This has been a really busy spring for me, and it's wearing me thin. I'm so grateful that I have the wealth of opportunities I do, though, and wouldn't have it any other way (except maybe to have those opportunities spread out a bit more on the calendar!)

Coming up in just a little over a week, on April 21, I'm hosting our church's first ever Compassion Sunday event! I'm worried about it. I speak in public and I dance in public, so I'm not so worried about speaking in public (although I am quite worried I will cry). What I'm most concerned about is the responsibility I feel for finding sponsors for the sweet children on the packets that arrived in my Compassion Sunday box last week. This is an opportunity for me to release the reigns over to God and let Him handle finding sponsors. I'm just the spokesperson.

As part of Compassion Sunday, I do have a page set up where you can get a jump on the process and read my Compassion story, and have an opportunity to sponsor a child! You can visit my Compassion Sunday page at:

And now for the random part of this post... I've been having a ton of fun lately playing with some great apps for the Iphone for modifying photos (framing) and for creating scrapbook pages directly on the iphone (or iPad). Now what I really love about this is that I can play around with it using the pics I took on my phone without ever having to connect to my computer, and I can do all this while I'm waiting, say, at the doctor's office or on a plane, etc. They also connect directly to Facebook. 
This photo was framed in imikimi then set on a background in Papelook

I tried several, but the two I like best (and these were free!!!) are Papelook and imikimi. I've attached a couple of examples here of what I've done with these. The uses for these apps are several: you can send your kids framed photos of themselves or your family; you can create mini-scrapbooks, bookmarks, notecards, print-to-puzzle images, stickers (if you have printable sticker paper), calendars, and all sorts of other goodies. 

This was done in Papelook

Check them out! They're free!  And, sponsor a child!!


  1. I'll be praying for your Compassion Sunday event!! And please be praying for ours...we're hosing Compassion Sunday on the 14th. And I love your cute scrapbook style photos!!! How fun!!

    1. I will surely pray for your event, Hannah! Thank you for your prayers, and for your comment :) I love the scrapbooking app! Just need to print and send, now! :D

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