Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No Suffering

Yesterday was a sad and tragic day for our country at the Boston Marathon. My thoughts and prayers go out to each and every injured victim and family member of an injured or lost loved one during this time.

Evil is everywhere, persistent, angry, vengeful, ugly...but I know the victory has been won and I know that good has triumphed over evil. One day there will be no tears, there will be no pain, there will be no suffering, no hunger, no doubt, no anguish. God's loving tears for the death and suffering of His own Son will wash away all our sorrow. We will be free!

Please remember that while the media focuses on the perpetrators of these awful crimes and disasters, we live and work among countless unsung heroes. Let's remember to focus on the bravery, selflessness, and compassion of the angels and heroes that don't get the flashy media attention the villains do, but whose love and mercy scream "Get thee behind me, Satan!"

One story from yesterday's tragedy is that of Carlos Arredondo, a 52-year old immigrant from Costa Rica who has suffered his own fair share of family tragedy when he lost one son to war and another son to suicide, who sprinted to the scene and used his own clothes to help bleeding victims.
Image from New York Times

Two soldiers who ran in their army fatigues finished the race then ran straight into the explosion site to help others to saftey.

New England Patriot Joe Andruzzie carried a woman to safety after the blast.

After running 26 miles yesterday, many of the marathon runners continued to run---straight to the Massachusetts General Hospital where they donated blood to the victims of yesterday's tragedy. In fact, so many people jumped to action to give blood that the Hospital and Red Cross had to stop accepting blood donations!

All over the city, Bostonions proved that they are heroes, as well, by offering showers, clean clothing, meals, rides, phone service, wi-fi access, and housing to stranded marathoners.

It takes nothing but cowardice to cause disaster, but it takes courage to be a hero. Yesterday proved that while we have cowards in our midst, we have far more heroes, far more good people just waiting for a chance to help others.

Please say a prayer for the families of yesterday's victims, and for the heroes that gave so willingly.


  1. Ah, what a victory cry! Thank you, Sonja! It is so hard when all the media portrays is the despair to see the hope--but there is hope! And that hope is shining through these heroes. My prayers are with the victims and the loved ones of the victims. But my hope is even further, to when there are no more tears. :-)

    1. Hannah, thank you for your comment! You are always a blessing.

  2. What a lovely comment! So many times people concentrate on who "caused" the problem and not on how people help "solve" the problem. Tonight, I'm listening to the news as the suspect has been captured, but over and over again everyone is thanking all of those who helped this situation come to a conclusion. No one did it alone and we will never know all of the names of all those who gave their time, energy, food, and "comforts". All we can say is THANK YOU FOR BEING KIND! We must all work together to conquer the evils of the world.